weekend wandering

January 29, 2011

This weekend, I’ll be attempting to divide my time between yoga, Chinese New Year errands (shopping, cooking and cleaning), printing – yes, I work on weekends – and catching up of sleep if at all possible! What about you?

If you have some time to wander about the great wide web, here’s some links I’d love to share:

Might I suggest this book? I just started into it and love, love, love it. The first story is so hauntingly beautiful.

I recently smelled this at a friend’s home and decided it’s my next room scent.

Anyone thinking about Valentine’s Day yet? Sweet gift alert!

Speaking of sweet, I can’t wait to start baking our second batch of pineapple tarts today – here’s an excellent recipe if you have similar plans.

Beautiful, custom, and inexpensive artwork.

It kind of goes against my Leo nature to say it, but what a chic wedding dress.

I’m really not into memes, but this made me…well…lol.

Goodbye, hours of my life spent daydreaming about fantasy homes! Psst: this one in particular.

Have fun perusing!

Photo from We Heart It.