weekend wandering

October 26, 2013

Halloween is upon us! We were lucky enough to be in LA earlier this month to catch the spirit (ha!) of the holiday as it started up: pumpkins in all the grocery stores, pop-up costume shops on every block, and Universal Studios in its zombie-infested glory.

Though Halloween in Singapore was a holiday exclusive to the nightclubs for a long time, it’s nice to see some diversity in the activities being offered these days. If you’re like me and would rather not face the drunken crowds of sexy police officers and the like, here are some ideas on what to get up to for the next six days:

It’s too late to sign up for either, but people-watching at the Singapore Zombie Walk and Race the Dead would be so much fun.

The Universal Studios franchise takes Halloween pretty seriously – LA’s studio tour gave me nightmares for days – so I’m sure the local outpost’s Halloween Horror Nights is a safe bet for scary fun.

Ditto Spooktacular @ Sentosa, which has this year teamed up with a Thai movie production house to create 5 horror-flick walking trails through the jungle.

Aside from being a fraidy-cat, I’m also a big dork, so the Asian Civilizations Museum’s ACM After Dark sounds like my cup of tea. The special exhibits of the night revolve around supernatural art, objects and stories from Asia.

Also, there’s Dark Tales 2, a haunted library trail at the National Library.

Prefer to stay in? Do what I did last year, and have a spooky-food dinner party with friends. I made meatloaf hands, savoury pastry intestines and cupcakes.

As for me: I have fancy dinner plans with a group of friends on the 31st itself…to which we’ll all show up dressed like rotting zombies, of course. However you decide to celebrate this spooky week, happy haunting!

Picture (and DIY painted pumpkin instructions) from Sweet Paul.