moodboard monday

November 29, 2011

I doubt there’s a single person out there who isn’t just a little bit fascinated with stars. They are magic: stunning to catch sight of, but beautifully subtle still.

But of course the best kind of magic is the kind you don’t notice till you’re already spellbound, and for this reason alone I prefer a more muted take on the standard blue and gold palette normally associated with starry motifs. One has to balance out all that glitter somehow!

(L-R) Top Row: Elie Saab gown, from Vogue. Starry Night ballroom decor by Linen Effects. Middle Row: Chanel Com├Ęte Necklace, via Fashion Follower. Star lanterns, by Kissadesign. Bottom Row: Glitter pumps, via Audrey Hepburn Complex. Vintage brooch bouquet, via Zsa Zsa Bellagio. Sparklers via Pinterest.