come on in

February 14, 2014


Welcome to my new blog! Let’s cut to the chase: why the move?

Well, if you haven’t already noticed, the main Paper Tiger Press site is undergoing a long-overdue facelift. There’ll be a few awesome changes to the site, to reflect a few awesome changes to the company. It’s all good though, I promise. The new mothership will be all shiny and new and professional.

Which brings me to my next reason for moving here: professionalism.

I struggled constantly with the direction of this blog when it was part of the Paper Tiger Press site. I was always cautious about getting too personal, not wanting it to be more about me than it was about design, aesthetics or the company.

But that kind of distance is a hard sell these days. Chances are, if you’re reading someone’s blog, you probably do want to know more about the author as a person because it makes the information they’re sharing that much easier to relate to. I certainly feel that way when I’m reading other blogs. Call me old fashioned, but I much prefer getting style advice from a selfie-happy blonde who works lives in NY and works at X magazine than a faceless, nameless author who could very well be a fat guy doing some Silence of the Lambs thing in his basement. This is the internet, kiddos. It could happen.

In any case, it seems you guys actually like the personal stuff better anyway. And that’s cool. But if that’s the direction the blog is headed in, then I think it’s better off being its own entity. This way, I get to show a little more of my personality while Paper Tiger Press finds its own. Win-win.

See you back here soon I hope!