call me cupid

February 12, 2011

Full disclosure: I’m one the saps who celebrates Valentines Day every year. My V Day traditions include cooking dinner at home together and exchanging small but sweet gifts – what about you? Thankfully, I’m just about done shopping, but if you’ve fallen behind here are some cute little ideas:

A virtual gift card from this online store would make any girl happy…and let you off the hook for showing up “empty handed”!

And for the guys, reasonably-priced handmade shoes. Really! These are my favourite.

Geeky-but-cool: natural history prints. Even cooler? Wearable natural history prints.

I’d love to wake up to this poster every morning, wouldn’t you?

What a fun idea for a Valentine’s Day party! Or as a gift for someone who really loves cake.

Small budget? This watch is under $20, unisex and surprisingly chic. I get compliments on mine all the time.

Giant budget? Tuck a pair of tickets to somewhere exotic into one of these bespoke handmade trunks.

Traditional, die-hard romantics should go see my friend Alice, who makes the most beautiful bouquets.

Or, create your own candy – a fun twist on boxes of truffles

And remember: if nothing you order is going to arrive on time, a heartfelt IOU over a nice dinner goes a long way. Good luck, sweethearts!

Photo from this adorable photo stream.