the dark side

September 24, 2010

I find that some of my best inspiration comes from interior design magazines. I suppose it’s because photos of rooms – above photos of isolated objects and beautiful people – have a depth to them that allows the eye to see colours and textures represented in a realistic context. Bedrooms are especially interesting to me, because people tend to group things (usually out of convenience) close to the bed which generally makes for a concentrated pocket of eye candy.

But from a more personal standpoint, it’s just kind of neat to see how other people sleep. I’m always on the lookout for photos of dark bedrooms so I know I’m not alone in my unorthodox paint choices. If you’re looking at these appalled, you should know that aside from being a very sexy environment, dark painted bedrooms also make for really deep sleep. And – let’s be frank here – what else do you want out of a bedroom?

Photos from here, here, here and here