soft focus

June 23, 2011

I’ve been very into pastels lately – which is strange territory for me, avid campaigner for the recognition of hot pink as a neutral colour.

I’m mildly concerned that this has something to do with a recent spike in wedding planning activity as it would indicate I’ve fallen prey to the bizarrely enduring belief that weddings should literally be a rose-tinted affair. As I’ve said before, I’m a great believer in not discarding one’s personality for the sake of tradition…so hopefully I come to my senses soon!

But till I do, how pretty is this soft, feminine palette? Feast your eyes girly-girls, and count me among your lace-wearing, Fragonard-esque ranks till this fog in my head clears!

Parting question for anyone reading this: did you feel – and/or cave to – the pressure to go pick a more traditional colour palette for your wedding? And if you aren’t married, would you?

Photos from here, here, and several windows my computer closed when it had a tantrum yesterday. Sorry!