seeya, singapore

April 25, 2011

Consider this my leave application: as of tomorrow morning, I’ll be heading stateside to visit family for a couple of weeks. Don’t worry. The blogging will undoubtedly continue as there is very little else to do where I’ll be going, save for roaming the 24 hour Walmart and stuffing myself on all the food I can’t find here. Chocolate teddy grahams, you will be mine.

I’ll also be making my way over to a little something called the National Stationery Show, which I’m seriously excited about despite having no real concept of what to expect. Well that’s a lie – I’m expecting it to be mind-blowingly inspirational, and well worth the crazy hotel rates I’ll have to put up with to attend. I hate to gripe on here, I really do, but when a shoe box-sized NYC hotel room with a lumpy bed costs the same a private beach-front villa in Phuket, whining seems kind of justifiable don’t you think?

Back to some last minute packing for me. Goodnight all, and see you on the other side!

Photo by Adam, from our last trip to the big apple.