over state lines

June 1, 2011

So it seems I hit pause on this blog for so long that my computer forgot my login password. Not a good sign.

Anywho, for those of you who have been keeping up with my trip stateside, here’s another installment of my travel diary in photos.

I left off in when we were in the woods, hoping it wouldn’t snow, and thankfully the opposite happened – it warmed up! Well, not so much that I was ever without my trusty trench, as you can tell.

Funny story about the next photo: I was outside the post office and noticed an unusually edgy font on the green newspaper box. Very exciting stuff for a designer, and quite a find in a small town.

Then I walked up to it and realized that I was way, way off.

But the universe made it up to me when we stumbled upon a framed newspaper page in a restaurant, which had clearly been printed on a letterpress. You could still see the indentation the lead type had made in the paper all those years ago.

After visiting with my family, we drove back to New York to spend some time with Adam’s family before the National Stationery Show.

And we drove, and drove, and drove. Ok, he drove. I leaned out the window and took photos.

At some point in the drive, an amazing sunset started up in front of us…

…but just as it was getting good, some really inconsiderate trees jumped into my shot.

By the time we got to Adam’s family home, there was just enough light left to make out the huge welcome sign his little sister had drawn in chalk on the driveway. Love, love, love this!

The next day, it was so nice and warm (woohoo!) that we headed straight to the park.

Warm weather = kite weather, obviously.

And did you notice how the kite lines have been dyed to match the kite? Nothing is safe from my craftiness.

Since I’m not at all a kiter (zero coordination, prone to neck cramping, etc) I sauntered off on my own for a bit to take photos….

…and then I saw this, and sauntered right on back.

Next installment: NYC + NSS