on the road

May 3, 2011

I’m still fighting a losing battle with afternoon yawning, so I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’ve left New York for the Pennsylvania wilds. Think four hours of spring flower spotting….

beautiful scenery…

and OMGOMGOMG moments where a detour was seriously considered.

To be honest, there was also a ton of roadkill, but I decided against photos of that. Let’s just say it’s definitely turkey season ’round these parts.

Speaking of wildlife, we checked out the Elk Country Visitor Center – a newly built museum dedicated to educating the public about elk, the importance of their conservation and their history in Pennsylvania.

I especially loved the antler room, where unlike other museums, touching is encouraged. It took all the willpower I had in me to stop myself from running off with a set of these beauties.

Also neat: the dedicated paving stones leading up to the center. This one was my favourite.

That’s it for now my dears! I’ll be back soon with more photos…if I don’t freeze my fingers off first. Can you believe they’re calling for snow tomorrow? Brrr.