oh shoot

January 22, 2011

For as long as I can remember, I’ve owned, used and loved my Lomo LCA. To me, it’s everything a good camera should be: it’s compact, yields brilliantly quirky photos, and isn’t digital.

Just so you know, that last point never ceases to raise an eye-rolling from my pro-photographer fiance (whom I suspect constantly questions his initial decision to court a film snob). To date, he’s spent about seven years ribbing me about my reluctance to switch over to the Dark Side. But I’ve always had the perfect rebuttal: I simply told him I was holding out for a digital Lomo LCA.

I had a great run with this – a digital LCA is a complete oxymoron. No way would anyone put the amount of technical research required into digitizing a camera famous for its…questionable photographic standards. That would be like trying design formal gym shoes. Why bother?

Well, when it’s a challenge, that’s why. Or at least that’s what I gathered when he handed me a present: a genuine LCA lens fitted to the Nex-5 I bought for work. In other words, a digital LCA.

The reason this post is so long is because for a very long time, I had no words. I still don’t, actually, except the ones it takes to explain how much of a dream come true this is. And how lucky I am to have found a guy to have done this for me, to have built a lens for me himself over a weekend like it was no big deal.

But now I’m out of words again, so I’ll just go ahead and post a few photos.

I hope you liked ’em, because – see the new category? – there’s more to come.