lucky number thirteen

July 13, 2012

Adam and I love these special Fridays, and we always check our calendars for them and point them out to each other. 13s mark both the date of our anniversary, as well as Adam’s birthday – which originally fell on a Friday too. I guess you could say it’s our lucky number.

For everyone else, you know the drill: watch out for those kitties!

Need to take some extra precaution? I love how pretty (and non-kitschy) this evil eye charm necklace by maldemar is.

Did you know that this evil eye talisman is used all over the mediterranean and the middle east to deflect bad vibes by sending them back to their source? There you go: good luck charm AND conversation piece.

P/S How cute is that top photo of black cat auditions? The rest of the shots from this series are here.