kitchen compromises

December 2, 2014

As I mentioned a couple posts back, we’re currently in the process of some home renovations. Actually, “complete gutting” might be a better way to describe the work we’re doing. It certainly wasn’t our plan to begin with, but now that we’ve started I don’t think there’ll be a square inch left untouched by the end of it!

Since Adam and I chose to design everything ourselves, this undertaking has been – among other things – a lesson in compromise. For the most part, we were in complete agreement over an airy, classic, white-and-dove-grey space. Every photo we showed each other was met with “Sure, that looks nice!” and “If you like it, why not?” It was a walk in the park.

…Until we got to the kitchen.

I figured (since it’s open concept) that it should match the rest of house in its light palette. You know, something like this:


Adam on the other hand felt that it should be more masculine as a counter-balance to the rest of the space. In other words, olive wood, Edison bulbs and soapstone galore:


Clearly, some negotiations were needed. So after a lot – and I mean A. LOT. – of rather passionate discussions about the merits of each aesthetic, we decided on 50-50 split between the two different looks. I’d get my white shaker cabinets, he’d get his black soapstone countertops. Crown moulding for me, black hardware for him. Our inspiration board now looks something like this:




Not bad, huh? I can’t wait to see how it all turns out. It won’t be for a while now, but when it’s all done I’ll be sure to share some photos of our “compromise” kitchen!

All photos via Pinterest