getting wed-dy

December 31, 2010

The fiance and I have been on a bit of a frenzied wedding venue hunt lately, after I was very sternly told by the ladies in my family to get cracking if I didn’t want our reception to be at McDonalds. Apparently, the year of the Rabbit is a good one for marriage (and amazingly not for the first reason that comes to mind!) so all the good spots are booking up super fast. So fast that I’d better have a plan B, C and D. But no pressure! Everyone likes french fries, right?

Not that I’m thinking (much) about eloping, but if I were to pack my bags and run, I’d probably want to be married in Portland. Specifically, at The Grotto:

How mind-bogglingly gorgeous is that? Shame I’m not Catholic and too honest to lie about it. Wait – that last part has to count for something, right?

Photo from here.