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wake and bake

January 31, 2011

Rainy days always make me sleepy, so I’ve been keeping myself heavily caffeinated to quell the desire to hibernate. It’s kind of half-working, which is a bit of a curse at times. For example, I’m awake enough to have an intense craving for freshly-baked bread, but can’t for the life of me muster up the energy to bake them right now.

My inner good girl says this is ok, because I should be working anyway, but my inner bad girl is clicking through page after page of Coupe-Feti, a gorgeous Japanese baking blog.

Good thing there aren’t any recipes (or if there are, that I can’t tell) because these photos are making me eye up my Kitchenaid mixer and reconsider my priorities for the day.

Photos from Coupe-Feti.