first contax

August 7, 2011

I don’t know about you, but every year on my birthday I like to buy myself a little treat. It’s almost always an impulse buy, because that’s really half the gift – the luxury of not have to mentally prove absolute necessity before purchase.

This year I bought a camera. A Contax 645 to be exact, with default Zeiss glass no less.

I’m still trying to figure it all out and find my groove, but it’s safe to say I’m already quite smitten by the photos it produces. These are some highlights from my first roll, which I’m going to kick off with an obligatory photo of Dolce (still the best ever impulse birthday buy).

Good thing I’m really getting into it, because Adam gifted me with a second Contax system yesterday as a “backup”, on top of the enormous film scanner I got earlier this week as an official birthday present. Looks like someone really wants me taking this new hobby seriously…