coco game center

May 1, 2018

I had the chance to visit the Coco Game Center last week and it was such a blast! Here are some behind-the-scenes shots for everyone who isn’t able to go, although if you are into beauty and are currently in Singapore I definitely think it’s worth a visit. There’s still some time slots available if you don’t want to have to stand in line.

Just to give you a quick idea of the what it’s all about, the Coco Game Center is a beauty pop-up that’s designed to look like an arcade, bright lights, neon colours and all. The only thing missing is the sound of machines clanging and kids screaming, which I guarantee you will not miss. You get a cute little game pack when you arrive, containing a couple of tokens for the bubble game (where you can win little prizes) and a ticket that you can use towards a slushie.

There are a couple of playable digital games customized with Chanel Beauty themes, and a couple of non-playable ones for display/photo ops/extra seating.

The “bubble game” is filled with prizes of Chanel Beauty samples and a few special enamel pins/badges like the ones in my second photo. But fear not, fellow clumsies – while some amount of skill and luck is still required, I think these machines’ settings are rigged to be a lot more…forgiving than they would be in a regular arcade. Also, am I the only one who actually calls these things “claw machines”?

For beauty addicts who want to play with makeup, there is tons of it and loads of counter space/display items to play with. I mean, you can really swatch to your heart’s content here. My advice is to focus your testing efforts on the newest Rouge Coco Lip Blushes and ask any of the friendly staff about the new products that they’re launching at the event (I’m particularly obsessed with the nifty applicator sponge that has yet to officially hit shelves). You can probably tell from this photo that I felt a lot like a kid in a candy store.

Once again, Chanel has done an amazing job at creating a really fun environment to play with makeup in…as if playing with makeup wasn’t fun enough on its own. If you’re planning on going, I’d suggest bring a friend so you have someone to play against on the consoles, and to plan on spending at least an hour there.

The Coco Game Center is located at:

The Luxe Art Museum
6 Handy Rd #02-01

28 April – 6 May 2018
11am – 9pm

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