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want, meet need.

August 30, 2010

For someone as anal as I am, finding the right font for a project can be such a pain. I always start with a foggy idea of what I’m looking for, but with thousands of fonts in my library, there’s almost too many options. Also, knowing I want something “vintage-y with some calligraphy-ness, but not like, old-ish and too swoop-y” never actually helps me narrow it down.

But this…this is genius.

Ok, so it’s not the exact organizational solution to my overstuffed font library, but it’s such a cool start. Live update: my amazing fiance just read this and bought me one! Is he fantastic, or what? According to him, there’s a limited amount of posters for sale, so if you’re as in love with this as I am, you should probably dust off your credit card and act decisively.

So You Need a Typeface poster designed by Julian Hansen and available here.