October 12, 2010

I’m pretty sure I managed to walk past this amazing display twice before looking up and being totally blown away.

Don’t you just love paper art installations? Especially when origami is involved? Especially-especially when they surprise you by appearing in a mall, of all places? Because I really do.

My favourite class at college was one where we were constantly tasked with making architectural paper sculptures. I still remember the ridiculously long hours I’d put into mine, staying up all night, high on rubber cement fumes and covered in glue gun burns. Good times!

But I digress. As if it weren’t fortuitous enough that I should happen upon one beautiful paper installation in a mall, it happened again at the very next mall we walked into.

Look at that! A whole ceiling of red paper streamers! The photos don’t do it justice at all, but it was so magical to stand under – grand and delicate at the same time, like a cave of paper stalactites. Of course, since it was in a mall, most people were too busy shopping to look up. Kind of makes you wonder what else we’re all obliviously taking for granted, hmm?