DIY art ideas, part 1

March 5, 2012

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to decorating lately, thanks to a pending bedroom overhaul, and a majority of those thoughts have turned to art.

For some strange reason, Adam and I never got around to hanging any art in this apartment despite the fact that our last place was absolutely covered in our combined endeavors. Even our dog contributed – we had a huge abstract painting in our dining area that was created by dipping Dolce’s paws and favourite ball in paint, and then playing fetch across the canvas. While I suspect we (dog included) have outgrown those adventurous artistic endeavors, I do love the idea of artwork that’s easy and relatively inexpensive. It goes without saying that it should also make an impact and/or be a conversation starter too.

Here are some DIY art ideas that I’ve earmarked for my own decorating inspiration. Two things you will find neither in my list nor my home? Vinyl wall stickers and anything from IKEA’s print department. I hate to say this, but stickers are not art, and IKEA is not a gallery. However, an even better reason to avoid them is that you can do so much better yourself. Look:

Isn’t this a cool modern piece?

Follow the ridiculously easy instructions at The New Domestic and have your own painted and hung up in a couple of hours.

The soothing palette and organic finish of this piece totally hooked me. Can you guess how the pattern was made?

With potatoes! I kid you not. Check out the instructions at Design Haven if you don’t believe me.

Ditto this cheerful artwork from Oh Happy Day. Who would have thought the ugly potato-stamps we made as kids could have resurfaced as something so pretty? I’m pretty sure my mom would have framed a lot more of my kiddy art if the teachers at school had set us art projects like this.

I hope I’ve gotten your inspiration levels up on an otherwise blah Monday. If you’re as excited about DIY art as I am, stay tuned – as the title indicates, I have more tricks up my sleeves and I’m dying to share!

Top photo via Pinterest.