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computer critters

August 31, 2010

I was just reminiscing today about the computer classes they used to teach at my high school – awful, awful, awful experience. We had the most mentally unstable teacher you could imagine, who possessed the ungodly ability to go from soft-spoken waif to screeching harpy in 10 seconds or less. Then, there was the course syllabus designed with the sole purpose of teaching us to how to draw basic shapes on a black screen with a blinking turtle-shaped cursor, because hey, you never know! One day, when you realize you’ve gleaned no useful skills whatsoever from high school computer class, you’ll be able to console yourself by drawing a box in DOS!

Residual bitterness aside, what I’m trying to say here is that if they’d shown us stuff like this, I’d have probably paid more attention in class.

Bonus points for the first critter being a paper tiger. And though I’m not so sure what this next little guy is, I can at least say for sure that I’m finally going to be able to make a computer-animal association without thinking about turtles and cringing.

Digital paper sculptures by Yum Yum.