Ames for Boston

April 22, 2011

Speaking of waking up somewhere else, I stumbled upon these photos of the Ames Hotel in Boston this morning and haven’t been able to stop gawking since. Modern refurbs of old buildings just get to me like that.

Especially when there are barrel ceilings, mosaics and chandeliers involved…

I love how all of those fairly traditional elements are offset here by the near-industrial starkness of every other surface, and that that balance is then echoed in the furniture selection throughout. Spot on.

Also brilliant: the uplit pressed-tin tile ceilings.

Too bad I don’t have plans to be in Boston any time soon – it’s one of my favourite US cities, and I’m years overdue for a visit. Maybe I’ll convince Adam to drive us up there when we’re in New York from next week till mid-May. A four-hour drive sounds pretty different to a Singaporean (me) and an American (him) so there’s a good chance I’m not asking too much here!

Photos from here and here.