all that glitters

September 20, 2010

Like so many girls, I grew up being quite certain that diamonds were my best friends. Crystal, I’ve always been wary of.

One one hand, it endures as an essential for chandeliers and glassware – on the other, the popularity of ‘bling’ forged a pretty strong public association between crystal and cheap diamond substitutes. It’s actually the backlash of that association that bothers me the most: the reactionary attempts of marketing departments to up-sell crystal as a luxury product. It’s crystal, man. Get over yourselves.

I’m going to pretend Yves BĂ©har is with me on this. His installation at Swarovski’s Crystal Palace perfectly celebrates and illuminates (ha!) the most beautiful properties of crystal without taking any of it too seriously.

You can read more about his brilliant design here. I hope these make it to production – I already envisioning where they’d go in the house.

Photos from here and here.