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clouds in my coffee

August 11, 2010

That’s it – I need to make cloud marshmallows. I’d make them right now if we lived near a 24-hour grocery store…and if I weren’t exhausted after a long day at the Bespoke Wedding Fair.

Quick recap: not only did the rain make it a perfect day for lazily drinking wine in an art gallery while perusing beautiful things, but I got to meet some amazing vendors, found out that just about everyone is a little stationery-obsessed, and came home with some great ideas and recommendations. Thank you to my friends who came out to say hello – my throat is now sore from chatting and laughing nonstop, but I’ll forgive you this time. You’re welcome to check back with me on the status of those marshmallows and come claim a few when they’re done.

Photo via flickr.