christmas eve dinner

December 28, 2014

Christmas has always been a big deal in my household. It was already quite a production when it was just mom and I at home, but now that Adam’s around it’s gotten to be even more of a circus!


There are literally weeks of seasonal rituals that go into readying our home for the big event, but none so important as Christmas Eve cooking. The night of the 24th is always reserved for a massive home cooked dinner (that never takes actual headcount into consideration), so everyone pretty much spends the day leading up to it in the kitchen jostling for counter space.


This year, despite us all being on a Ketogenic diet, it was business as usual. We had pan-seared foie gras on (almond) toast, sugar-free cranberry compote, roast pork with crackling, wilted spinach, brussels sprouts gratin and fennel slaw and – believe it or not – pumpkin pie with toasted marshmallows for dessert.




Canned pumpkin is surprisingly low in sugar carbs, so with a few recipe adjustments I was able to create a keto-friendly pumpkin pie that only had about 5g of carbs per slice! For comparison purposes, a slice of regular pumpkin pie has about 40-50g of carbs per slice. Can you tell I’m super proud of myself? Pumpkin pie is Adam’s favourite holiday dessert, so he was pretty thrilled too.


We finished our dinner with Christmas crackers…one of which had been rigged! Mom had stuffed a pair of baby diamond earrings into my cracker as an early surprise. Sneaky, sneaky.


Afterwards, we sat around the tree listening to Christmas carols, sipping spiced Christmas tea and admiring the lights and decorations. My favourite baubles are the silver birds that mom collects…


…and the few personal ornaments that we always hang at the top of the tree. This one is from my Oma, and reminds me of my mom.


The angel right under the star was from Adam’s late mother, and the turtle doves just under it are for me and Adam.


I could stare at our tree all night, but Christmas morning was waiting and Dolce was clearly ready for bed.


So as they say, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!