christmas day fun

December 28, 2014

I love Christmas morning! My family always starts the day together with a really big, late brunch before diving into our Christmas stockings.


We couldn’t find our regular stockings this year so we had to make do, but next year I’m getting us all some really nice ones from the US. Stockings aren’t a big thing in Singapore, so they’re pretty hard to find here.

After brunch, it was present time! This year, I hand-lettered carols on all my presents…


…and made silver watercolour gift tags to match our tree.


Every year we play a guessing game with our gifts, and the person who gets the least correct guesses has to do the dishes from brunch. It’s such a fun tradition, and we always go all out to make sure our gifts are unguessable. And don’t be fooled by the pretty wrapping…everyone plays dirty!


I didn’t do very well at our game this year – I guessed the makeup from Adam and the cape from Mom, but everything else was a lovely surprise.


After presents, we headed over to our friends’ home for our annual Christmas get-together. Here’s us with our Secret Santa gifts…and a new addition to the group!


I had the most wonderful Christmas, surrounded and totally loved-on by family and friends who’ve become family. Here’s hoping you were just as blessed this season. Merry Christmas!