across the sea

May 1, 2011

Hello from the other side of the globe!

Thanks to jetlag seriously kicking my butt,staying awake during daylight hours has pretty much been my biggest accomplishment lately. So instead of a long post about not much at all, I thought I’d share some photos of my trip so far.

These are of my drive upstate from JFK, and all the bridges we passed or crossed along the way.

And guess where I took these photos of gorgeous cherry blossoms in full bloom? A parking lot. Seriously.

And yes, that is the cutie who built the lens I’m using for these photos.

Quick aside: I’m not sure how well reported this is outside of the US, but earlier this week a tornado storm hit the south, ripping entire towns apart in its wake. The National Weather Service is saying that over 150 tornados touched down – I can’t even wrap my head around that. The scale of the storm literally left people with nowhere safe to run to, and now nowhere to go home to. I know this may be an issue far removed from any of you back home, but I couldn’t not post these links to the American Red Cross and Salvation Army, both of which are accepting donations to help victims rebuild their communities and lives from scratch.