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recap: gatsby glam

November 10, 2013

Last week, I had the pleasure of contributing to a styled bridal shoot for The Wedding Scoop. It was so nice to be back on a live set again after so many years – it’s definitely one of the things I miss the most about my old life in the magazine/fashion industry.

Since it was a Gatsby-themed shoot on Halloween, I thought get into the swing of things by flapper-ing it up a little. Just so you know, I didn’t have any time to wash this makeup off and start from scratch on my Halloween costume after the shoot, so all this was the base of my zombie look. Which technically made me a zombie flapper! But I digress…

When we got to Nosh, the place was already buzzing. Melissa from Wonderland for Detailed Planners and her team had brought a treasure trove of props to turn the restaurant into a vision from the 1920’s.

I won’t ruin the surprise since the official photos aren’t out yet, but here’s a shot I took of their table set-up. Isn’t it just beautiful?

Meanwhile, our lovely model Natalie was getting prepped by Andy and Kristen from Profiling Glam

For the shoot, I contributed an 8-piece invitation suite as well as menus, table numbers, seat signs and calligraphy place and escort cards.

Styling the stationery didn’t take very long since I’m so used to doing flat lay photos, but I did have to do some last-minute calligraphy edits. Thank goodness I knew from experience to over-prepare, and had brought everything I needed.

The energy on set was amazing. I think it says a lot about someone when they’re able to do their job and have fun at the same time; it’s such a joy to work with people who aren’t just talented, but comfortable in their professional abilities. Leana picked quite the dream team for this shoot!

Speaking of Leana, here she is moonlighting as a reflector stand. I think we all got awesome arm workouts while taking turns at this!

Halfway through the shoot, things got shaken up a little when the sun suddenly disappeared into a huge thunderstorm. To everyone’s credit, the team just rolled with it and shot the second half of the day like an evening wedding reception. Adam pulled out studio lighting, the ladies from Wonderland produced a cocktail dress and fur wrap, and the makeup artists switched the look from sweet to sultry.

I didn’t get to take photos of everyone or everything I wanted to, so you’ll just have to wait for the professional photos to see how the day ended. All I’m going to say is that involved cupcakes, champagne, and lots of confetti…in other words, I’d go stalk The Wedding Scoop if I were you!


Photos mostly by moi, with some obviously stolen from our very handsome photographer Adam of Bespoke Brides. Other fab vendors I got too busy chatting with to photograph: Manicurious, The Atelier Bridal and Plain Vanilla Bakery. The full list of contributors will be up on The Wedding Scoop with the main post.