Paper Tiger Press

our temporary business cards

July 14, 2011

So remember how a while back I visited the National Stationery Show?

Well when I was registering for it about a month prior, the one thing that stood out about the process was how many things I was required to submit/bring as proof that I am indeed part of the trade (as opposed to just a member of the public, because then I could only attend on the last day with the masses).

Most of it was a cinch: Professional website, check. Work email, check. Proof of advertising, check. Business cards….um….well. Those needed doing. Especially since Adam, whom I was dragging along with me, would need some too.

Since the cards were probably only ever going to be used at the show, we decided to have fun with them.

Because, ya know, we’re so mature.

Considering we were totally goofing around when designing and printing these, they turned out pretty nicely. It’s worth noting that we argued a little over who got to be the dinosaur.

In case you were wondering, these were printed on ivory cotton paper, in shade of pewter we will never be able to achieve again as Adam insisted on mixing it by eye, on the press, straight out of our black and silver cans (any printer reading this would be pearl-clutching right now). Good one, hun.

Actually I’m glad we didn’t take this too seriously, because as luck would have it nobody at the NSS registration desk asked us for our cards – or in fact for any of the paperwork I brought from halfway across the globe with me!