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one candle old

July 1, 2011

Happy birthday, Paper Tiger Press!

I can’t believe it’s already been a year, but on the other hand, it’s funny to think back on my life before letterpress took over: I still remember wondering what the heck I’d gotten myself into, watching six men from the freight company crane-lift Persimmon into my new studio.

I have to admit, it was all very daunting at first. As excited as I was about letterpress, the blue collar reality of being a printer was difficult to wrap my head around. Funnily enough, it was my mom who had the most trouble adjusting. She’d get visibly mournful every time she saw me leave for work in my ratty print clothing and worry that it meant I had no money. Typical Asian parent!

I’m not sure she’ll ever stop worrying enough to look back on that and laugh, but at least I can – something I owe to all of you. Thank you so much for being here and reading this, for being interested in what I’m doing, for allowing me to share my passion. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for the support I’ve received from my fabulous clients and regular readers, that if I could reach through my screen and hug you…it would be creepy, but I’d still do it.

Now I’m off to spend this birthday the best way I know how: in my ratty print clothing, at the studio, making beautiful things for wonderful people.

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