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August 6, 2010

While we were still struggling with some overall press crankiness today, we finally got back on track with our regular print schedule – something I was afraid I’d never be able to say after the clamping mechanism seized two days ago. Turns out the problem was the very suckers I was griping about. They’d picked up too many sheets of paper, and the press jammed shut trying to print such a thick stack of them at the same time. Hours of jimmying and hammering, one more seizure and subsequently very cautious printing later, we were nearing delirium as we pulled this beauty off the press. Once again, pardon the phone camera picture – professional photos are in the works, I swear.

I’ve never been happier to hear the echoing clip-clop of a running press, so much so that I kind of miss the noise now that I’m home and looking over our prints. It’s almost too quiet here.

Funny how easily I can get used to the racket of old-school machinery and yet have such a hard time getting the hang of my new gadgets, an iPad and an iPhone 4. Don’t get me wrong: new technology is great and all, but I definitely need some practice before I start using either to their full potential. In case that last sentence (and my career choice) didn’t tip you off, I’m actually pro-analog. I feel I should put that out there before anyone gets the idea that I’m a techie like the rest of my family. Mom, if you’re reading this, thanks for teaching me how to listen to the radio on my laptop. Also, does that trick work on the iPad too?