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maria & wilson wedding invitations

November 29, 2010

Though we have a serious backlog of project photos waiting to be uploaded, this hummingbird wedding invitation order was so beautifully personal that I had to share it first.

From the unique bird-themed text to the addition of an introductory poem, Maria and Wilson’s wedding invitations were full of meaningful touches. I especially love that they chose to use their nicknames on the invitation to really make it theirs.

The matching entourage card they included is a Filipino-Catholic custom, meant to honor friends and family who will play part in the couple’s new life together – isn’t that such a wonderful tradition?

Still, the sweetest part of the design had to be the hummingbirds: they were hand-drawn by Maria’s brother just for the occasion.

So that the very special hummingbirds remained the focus of the invitation, we went with rose silhouettes instead of illustrated roses. Note the fine detail in the thorny vines and serrated leaves.

Both cards were printed in hand-mixed chocolate brown ink on ivory paper….very carefully! One of the main challenges we faced with this suite was getting the inking just right as solid shapes like the flowers typically mottle unless heavily inked. Of course the opposite is true when printing fine details, so a very delicate balance had to be struck 240 times over. Phew!

Totally worth it though, don’t you think? We certainly do!