Paper Tiger Press

losing sleep

August 3, 2010

We printed one of my favourite wedding invitation designs today, and encountered no end of problems doing so. If we weren’t struggling to right the alignment, we were being driven made by the patchy ink distribution/impression. The same went for the suckers: one minute they wouldn’t pick up a single sheet, and then suddenly they were grabbing three sheets at the same time. And as if to add insult to injury (or in this case maybe injury to insult), our wash-up blade snapped cleanly in two during our last ink cleaning.

It was only after hours and hours of troubleshooting that we pulled our final print off the press and were able to crawl home at about 5:00 am. Again, all I have is a tiny teaser of a shot (this time taken with my new iPhone 4) till I get around to styling and photographing the wedding suites properly but you get the idea.

Fun fact: the beautiful lilac font colour was an accident – it was meant to be deep purple, but via a series of events I no longer remember, we ended up with this!