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August 8, 2010

Getting an ink colour you have in your head to materialize on paper is hard. And that’s coming from someone who has college-level colour theory classes under her belt. Pantone, I hope you read this some day and decide to start a customer service helpline for distressed designers. Unlike every other company’s customer service helpline, it would actually make sense for you to rout your calls to India – nobody else understands colour like they do.

Anyway, it was another long night spent at the studio, desperately trying to finish printing all the little accessories for each suite (envelopes, paper seals, place cards…) that I’d completely forgotten about till now. And since tomorrow is photo day, my choices were either A) stay up and print them tonight or B) take the photos without them tomorrow and re-shoot them all later. Since it’s 5:00 am and I’m only now winding down in bed, I’m sure you can guess what I went with. I blame the kerosene fumes.

Photo via $aze.