Paper Tiger Press

go-to grey

February 23, 2011

I think I’m developing an obsession with the colour grey. So few colours can convincingly conjure up such a diverse range of imagery: all at once, grey can as easily be as soft as a dove’s down and as coldly industrial as raw concrete without ever seeming trite. It really is the graphic designer’s equivalent of the little black dress (or whatever else it is you reach for when you want something fuss-free, flattering and reliable.)

In this project, the grey of the liners and ink was the perfect foil for pastel pink envelopes. It was actually stipulated in the order that the overall effect should be extremely feminine, and I’m glad we managed to achieve that while maintaining a sense of sophistication.

When I delivered this order, I felt an overwhelming sense of excitement at the thought of these lovely cards going out into the world…but a day later, I got feedback that the recipients think they’re too pretty to use. Ah, irony!