Fashion Outfit of the Day

punk at the park

February 10, 2015

Adam had some gear to test over the weekend, so we headed over to a nearby park and spent an afternoon running up hills and taking photos and generally just having a lovely day.


We were both very happy to be outdoors and in the sun again. It’s been so gloomy here lately.


Because we were really just out to enjoy the weather, I didn’t bother wearing anything fancy: just my favourite leather jacket tossed over jeans and a stolen-from-Adam tee.


I like to think I made up for it with my dramatic red makeup though. I was going for a punk-esque editorial look rather than something traditionally pretty, but despite the severity of red-on-red I ended up really liking how it all turned out.


You can’t really see much of the makeup detail in these photos, so I’ll be doing a post with some close ups next. You know, in case you want to pile on the red eyeshadow and scare little kids at your local park too.