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ootd: windblown wanderer

September 26, 2015

As glad as I am to be far away from the haze in Singapore, constant travel has made me so homesick lately that I’ve pretty much been wearing my Singapore Island Necklace from Pinwheel Jewels 24/7. I’m still waiting for a fellow overseas S’porean to recognise the shape and get all excited, but till that happens it’s like a secret piece of home that I can take everywhere with me. It’s actually kind of comforting.

casual beach 2

casual beach 1

casual beach 3

casual beach 4

We were at the beach today for Adam to test a new lens. I like to think I’m an old hand at keeping a straight face for photos, but the wind wasn’t having any of that today. One can only eat so many mouthfuls of hair before the spluttering and giggles set in!

casual beach 5


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