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ootd: my favourite sweater

February 4, 2015


One of the loveliest things about LA is its beautiful weather, year round. I don’t normally feel the urge to go on walks and explore nature very much when I’m in Singapore, but here…well, I can definitely be persuaded.

LA’s cool, dry weather makes being outdoors so pleasant that I don’t even mind it when Adam insists I stand around in prickly shrubbery so he can take photos.


The one tiny downfall to desert living is that the temperature can plummet when the sun goes down. I keep my favourite convertible DKNY sweater in the car so I’m never caught without something warm. I love that it’s something you can wear a multitude of ways – backwards or forwards, casual or dressy – which makes it the perfect staple in my books.

I’m not doing a very good job demonstrating its versatility, but here’s a video to show you how many different styles you can create from just the one wrap. It was even featured on the Martha Stewart Show.



With a pedigree like that, I feel slightly less guilty about admitting that this sweater + jeans and running shoes is fast becoming my go-to outfit lately. Hey, if it’s good enough for Martha…