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dog days

October 8, 2010

Whenever I tease my mom about how much she loves the dogs, I always bring up the cashmere – excuse me, silk-cashmere – sweaters she’d knit for Dolce every year. Like a doting grandmother, mom would spend her fall/winter visits filling our apartment with skeins of yarn and the soft but persistent clickety-clack sounds of her knitting needles going full speed.

Now that we have (the much larger) Tian I’m not sure if she’ll have the patience to knit sweaters for them both, so should we end up stateside again I’ll be pushing for these lovelies instead. How smart is that trench? The details just blow me away.

The idea of classic tailoring for dogs is pure genius. Well, unless you’re a cat person. Sorry.

Bottom two photos from Rover, who also have a blog