jasmine blue

May 11, 2014  |  Design, Lifestyle

I’d been planning to sign up for a flower arranging class for some time now, but last month in LA all the stars aligned: my mother developed a sudden interest in florals, it was spring in California, and we had the opportunity to take a private mother-daughter class with celebrity florist Dokhi Mirmirani. Please pardon the iPhone photos in this post – my regular photographer wasn’t available to accompany me!

I attended with Mom’s BFF Mabel and her daughter Melissa.

via emilyloke.com

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thug life

November 21, 2013  |  Design

These mugshots of 1920′s criminals has been making the rounds on my social media feeds lately, and I just had to share. Beautifully photographed, well posed and composed, and featuring a cast of characters better dressed than any you’d see in the CBD today, these are surely more portraits than they are mugshots.


Of course, I’m especially drawn to the swirls of writing that frame some of the photos.


Calligraphy obsession aside, I also love the little inscriptions made between ruler lines of the subject’s name. This one even has a note from the police about how the man refused to open his eyes for the photograph! I think that’s what makes these mugshots so captivating: the realization that there is a humanity and grace to them that doesn’t exist in the justice system today.


It goes without saying that the criminals of today don’t quite compare either. Just look at this guy working it for the camera. Now that’s a smooth criminal.


The rest of the photos in the series can be found here, and for the most part are accompanied with descriptions of the charges these dapper fellows were facing…one of which includes “throwing a missile”. Top that, 21st century thugs.

sign language

July 31, 2013  |  Design

How amazing is this sign from a London boutique?

As much as I love it though, I think I’d be out there with an umbrella every time it rained. This is 100% my day job talking: I adore old machinery so it just breaks my heart to see old things left out to rust.

Still, very clever…if a little hard for someone like me to look at!

Photo from here.