coco cafe pop-up

April 7, 2017  |  Events, New Launches  |  No Comments

Guess what just opened in Singapore?

Coco Cafe-8

I had the pleasure of checking our Chanel’s Coco Cafe yesterday and thought I’d do a quick blog post to share some photos from the day. I just couldn’t fit everything into one Instagram post!

Coco Cafe-16

Coco Cafe-12

Despite its name, the Coco Cafe isn’t actually the newest and most beautiful cafe in Singapore, but the newest and most beautiful cafe-themed beauty pop-up-store in Singapore. It was conceptualised as a luxurious, relaxing space where you could go with beauty-loving friends to have a coffee and play with makeup.

And while it’s sadly not a permanent addition to Singapore’s F&B scene, Chanel is pretty serious about the cafe theme. The Coco Cafe features a full-fledged espresso bar…

Coco Cafe-19

Coco Cafe-21

…a juice bar with drinks inspired by Chanel perfumes…

Coco Cafe-14

…and edibles like candies and cakes, which are complimentary when you make a purchase.

Coco Cafe-11



The entire space is stocked with testers, set up so that makeup-lovers can play to their heart’s content. Of course I took the opportunity to swatch everything. Look out for a post on Chanel’s new lipgloss line next!

Coco Cafe-10

Coco Cafe-13

Aside from being encouraged to play on your own, there are also loads of complimentary professional services, and you can get everything from a manicure to a makeover to a private perfume consultation from the staff who – in my experience – were incredibly helpful, patient and knowledgable. They really nailed the trifecta of perfect service.

I enjoyed my quick makeup consultation, where I got to try on the Chanel Rouge Coco Stylos I’d been eyeing up, as well as brand’s famed bronzers (which I now think I need in my life) and blush, all of which was set with a spritz of Chanel’s Beauty Essence Mist.

Coco Cafe-27

Once you’re all prettied up, grab your girlfriends and head into the photo booth at the back of the cafe. They’ll print the photos for you right there as a keepsake.

Coco Cafe-29

And yes, I dragged Adam into the booth as well.


All in all it was such a fun experience, and just being in the space somehow just felt really uplifting and re-charging. I don’t usually think of pop-up stores as anything more than a marketing tool to sell product, but the Coco Cafe was a genuine treat to be in. Every aspect of it was beautifully crafted to make it a luxurious sensory experience rather than a store, and there were no sales pitches – just pampering. I walked away from it not only well-caffeinated but more in love with Chanel that I’d ever been before. I highly recommend checking it out!

Coco Cafe-20

Coco Cafe-23

Details: Admission is free, but there are crowd-control measures in place to make sure that everyone who enters has a special experience. Though the reservation list is full, I’m told that Chanel staff are also accepting walk-ins and will encourage guests to leave their phone numbers for a call-back on a first come first served basis (so there is a benefit to showing up early in the day).

Coco Cafe will run from the 8th to the the 16th of April, and is located at the Visual Arts Centre, Dhoby Ghaut Green. No idea where that is? No problem! Just take the MRT, get off at Dhoby Ghaut Station and use Exit B which will pop you up right next to the cafe’s entrance.

whale watching at dana point

March 9, 2016  |  Travel  |  2 Comments

One of the nicest things about coastal living is all the marine life you get to see. Last weekend, Adam and I drove down to Dana Point to check out the Festival of Whales, a quaint town fair that coincides with the grey whale migration. I broke out some of my favourite nautical stripes for the occasion…and then threw on my super warm shearling hoodie, because of sudden gale-force winds!












Though one of the festival’s bigger draws is surely the discounted whale-watching safari cruises, Adam gets so terribly seasick that we opted to try and spot whales from land instead. After a satisfyingly greasy fry-up at The Brig for brunch (their corned beef hash is addictive!) we headed to the beach behind the Ocean Institute to try our luck there. But after over an hour of unsuccessfully willing the whales to materialize, we decided to hike the Dana Point Headlands Trail instead and see if we’d have better luck spotting them from the top of the cliffs.

Sure enough, just as the sun was setting, a pod of whales showed up just off the coast. None of them did anything more exciting than puff water out of their blowholes, but it was still a pretty cool sight. We joined several other groups in pointing and calling out the puffs as they came – I’d estimate about 4-6 different whales were clearing their blowholes, but who knows how many more were just swimming quietly by. Can you spot the spout in the photo above?

Though I suspect Adam was expecting something more theatrical, it was a pretty great way to spend a Sunday. And since whale spotting season goes through March, I’d definitely consider driving back to see if we can capture a bit more action than just the odd spout of water. This time, I’m bringing binoculars!



christmas 2015

December 27, 2015  |  Home Decor, Lifestyle  |  4 Comments

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone had as lovely of a Christmas as I did.

Xmas2015 1

Xmas2015 5

This year we had a full house for our Christmas Eve dinner, so there was a fair bit of chaos in the weeks leading up to the big event. Shopping, cooking, cleaning, re-arranging the furniture…even our tree wasn’t spared! It ended up on the opposite side of the room this year to make room for more couch seating.

Xmas2015 2

Speaking of trees, ours had such a short trunk that there wasn’t any room underneath the lower branches for presents. We made a gift table instead, and my mother decorated it with a spray of festive red orchids. How Singaporean!

Xmas2015 3

For atmosphere, I updated our cloche display with strands of copper fairy lights and lots of pillar candles.

Xmas2015 6

Xmas2015 7

But the most exciting addition to our seasonal decor this year was our new Christmas stockings. Thanks to my mother’s wizardry with a sewing machine, we finally got some beautiful silver ones that go with our holiday colours. Aren’t they amazing?

Xmas2015 8

Christmas Eve itself wound up being even more of a fiasco than we’d bargained for, thanks to Adam getting food poisoning and landing himself in the hospital at 4am that morning. The poor guy was pretty woozy for the rest of the day, so although he did rally and sit with us for most of the night, there wasn’t a lot of photo taking. There was however good food and great company, plus lots of champagne and laughter and presents, so I like to think it was the kind of evening that we’ll all remember anyway.

Xmas2015 9

Xmas2015 10

Xmas2015 4

Christmas itself was a lot more relaxed. We were so full from the night before that we skipped brunch altogether and got right down to presents. The little ones went first (of course) and then the rest of us played our traditional gift-guessing game. I won this year!

Xmas2015 11

Xmas2015 12

Xmas2015 13

We spent the rest of the day lounging around, grazing on Christmas treats, watching movies, and leisurely cooking a casual Christmas dinner just for ourselves. It was quiet, but perfect.

However your spent your holidays this year, I hope it was wonderful…or at least restful…or at least that you didn’t spent part of it in the hospital. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas (hey, there’s still 9 days of it left!) and a very Happy Near Year.