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scream by make up store

September 16, 2014

I was so excited when I came across Make Up Store’s new Scream collection, because it’s still quite rare to see mainstream cosmetic companies release dark punk looks. It’s a numbers game, of course – navy lipgloss just isn’t going to turn a profit like pink would – so it takes a pretty ballsy brand to put out a line of products this different.

How different? Well, here’s the full look:

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.29.10 pm

Not exactly the kind of makeup that most people could see themselves wearing. And yet, once I saw a swatch photo of Atomic (the collection’s dark blue lipgloss) I had to have it….though admittedly, more to round out my stash than to actually use.


When I got to the store and saw it in person however, it was more subtle than I expected. The fine iridescent purple-blue flecks are suspended in a clear base, which means it won’t show up as navy unless you’re either heaping it on or putting it over a black base. For example, a tiny dab looks lilac over a pink lipstick, which makes it a neat way to turn summer lipsticks into deeper fall-friendly colours.

Seeing Atomic got me thinking about the rest of the collection: maybe they weren’t as “out there” as the promo photos made them seem. Sure enough, the eyeshadows looked downright practical in person – the kinds of colours that would lend themselves easily to a staple evening look.


Even the green glitter eyeliner wasn’t as much of a stretch I initially thought.  While it’s undeniably sparkly, it’s not holographic. Such a good call for a colour this bold, and essentially the difference between au courant and 90’s raver. It’s actually quite pretty, don’t you think?


Versatility is kind of a big deal to me, so while it’s great that collection can absolutely be pushed to the extremes of the official promo photos, take it from me – the best thing about the Scream collection is that comes with volume control.


You’re welcome to verify this for yourself, but if you need a bit more convincing, keep checking back. In my next Look of the Day blog post, I’ll show you my take on tuning the collection down a little from wild to wearable…stay tuned!

From left to right: Microshadows in Watt, Louder and Attitude, Glitter Eyeliner in Lux, LED Lipgloss in Atomic all by Make Up Store.