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review: guerlain holiday 2015

January 15, 2016

guerlain winter fairy tale 2015c

This is obviously terribly overdue, but I just to put up a quick rave for Guerlain’s just-past Winter Fairy Tale holiday collection. I bought the Météorites Perles des Neiges with very little hesitation, because I had been wanting a light coloured jar of Météorites for a while now. On top of being just the colour I was looking for, this version also had the most adorable stars in it. How could I resist?

I do kind of wish that the packaging was a classic tin rather than a plastic gold and white snowball, but it is still very pretty and has more than earned both its place on my vanity and in my daily makeup routine. I was one of my top 10 products of 2015!

guerlain winter fairy tale 2015a

The collection’s pressed powder, Météorites Voyage Enchanté, was a very thoughtful gift from my mother. Although I’m guilty of owning several pressed powders, they are all in quite functional/standard packaging. This is my first “pretty” compact – it makes me feel most glamorous when I take it out to powder my nose! It has the same perfecting effect as the loose Météorites, but in a handy (if slightly weighty) silver case with Guerlain’s signature vintage floral motif in all white. 

guerlain winter fairy tale 2015b

Since both of these are very subtle, I didn’t bother with swatches. The whole point of these powders is that lend your skin a beautiful flawless finish while being largely undetectable. It’s magical really, but quite difficult to truly appreciate in photos. If you already own these stunners (or their kin from the brand’s permanent line), you’ll know what I mean.

If you missed this collection in the madness of the holidays, fear not: you can still find the starry Météorites Perles des Neiges on eBay.  Voyage Enchanté is still available online at Sephora.


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