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review: coastal scents contour palette

January 24, 2015

I ordered the 6 Contour Blush Palette along with the Revealed palette, which I reviewed here. Likewise, this came packaged in a bubble wrap sleeve inside its own box, and arrived in perfect condition.


Unlike the Revealed palette, this 6-colour contouring palette can’t be compared to any high end product because there’s really nothing exactly like it out there. There are other contouring palettes on the market, but the closest you’ll come to this exactly is a customised MAC pro palette…which would cost literally $100 more.

This palette gives you a lot of bang for your buck – the photos do show the pans as being quite large on the website, but I was surprised at just how big they were when they arrived. I also love that all the colours are 100% matte, which is surprisingly tricky to find.


Altogether, you get 3 highlight shades, 2 blushes and a dark brown contour colour. The contour and blushes (one warm pink, one cool pink) are universally flattering shades and very pigmented – a little goes a long way, so I make sure to tap my brush off on the back of my left hand before application.

I found the highlights (white, pale yellow and pale peach) decently pigmented for pressed powders. Previously, I was using a matte white Bobbi Brown eyeshadow as a highlighter. Though of course the Bobbi Brown is more finely-milled and silkier to the touch, I was happy to discover that the pigmentation of this Contour Palette was on par with my old staple.

Overall I found this to be a great value. I picked up a couple extras for a beginner’s contouring class I was teaching, and they made the perfect starter palette. I’d highly recommend this to contouring newbies who want to get their technique down before investing in high end products. You can see a contoured look I created with this palette here.

Unfortunately, this palette isn’t going to cut it for professionals or discerning makeup lovers. The somewhat course texture of the powder makes precision blending tricky, and the warm undertone of the contour colour is workable but not ideal for pale skin tones. I much prefer my own mishmash of products…though for convenience I do wish they’d fit in a palette as sleek as this!