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February 22, 2017

Nothing makes my heart skips a beat like beautiful packaging, so you can probably understand how I almost flatlined when a this fabulous glossy presentation box showed up from Tom Ford Singapore.

Tom Fod Lips and Boys-1

Behold the sexiness of Tom Ford’s Lips and Boys.

Tom Fod Lips and Boys-2

Shall we have them take their tops off?

Yes, yes we shall.

Ladies, meet the 25 latest colour additions to the Lips and Boys collection:

tom ford lips and boys 3

Why these lipsticks make me want to wiggle my fingers and bat my lashes and drawl “hellloooo boyyyyys” whenever I open them up is totally beyond me, but they do. We’re just going to chalk that up to the magic of Tom Ford.

tom ford lips and boys 4

This new batch of 25 brings the total number of colours in the range up to 50, and unlike the first batch of 25 includes mattes. 10 mattes to be exact. The other 15 colours are comprised of creams (which are what I’d consider a satin finish) and metallics (which cover frosts, iridescent and fine glitter finishes).

I can only assume Tom Ford held off on releasing mattes till they were able to perfect an ultra-pigmented, non-drying formula, because that’s exactly what their mattes are. I can honestly say these are one of the best matte bullet formulas on the market and as a category, the most consistently-performing group in this collection.

I swatched these bad boys and organized them in 2 separate charts for you. First by formula, because let’s face it – some of us just prefer a specific finish and don’t want to mess around.

tom ford lips and boys swatches

As you can see (from the first chart), the creams and mattes are very rich, evenly pigmented, and fairly consistent in finish within their formula categories. The metallics however tend to vary quite dramatically in finish. Within the category, some are sheer, some are glittery, some are frosted, some are a combination…and Logan could be almost be considered a satin, save for its faint blue pearl.

This second chart is by colour family – the first two rows are nudes/browns, the second two rows are mauves/berries, and the last row has the brights. Please bear in mind that this isn’t the way Tom Ford categorizes their colours (they go by pinks, violets, reds, corals and neutrals), but I felt it would be more helpful to see them in a simplified arrangement.

tom ford lips and boys swatches2

In terms of wear, I found all the shades to be of excellent quality. Even though some of the metallics look a bit uneven in swatches, they seemed to do much better on my lips. The mattes weren’t drying, the sheers weren’t slippery, the glitter wasn’t gritty – all in all, the formulas are top notch and definitely designed for wear/comfort over just colour appeal.

Have you tried any of the colours in this collection? I’d love to know what your favourite shades are!

Pricing and Availability: Tom Ford Lips & Boys (SGD$50) are permanent, and available at Tom Ford Beauty counters.



This post features products that were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links.

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