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February 2, 2017

The introduction of SUQQU’s revamped eyeshadow quads might have been the most talked-about aspect of their recent releases, but there’s definitely more to see (and love) in the spring 2017 collection. You can find my in-depth review of the eyeshadows here; this post is dedicated to the Pure Colour Blush and Extra Glow Lipsticks and a separate FOTD post will be up next.


SUQQU introduced their Pure Colour Blushes last summer (my intro post is here) with 5 permanent shades and 1 limited edition one, so this season’s offerings continue from that with:

06 Harusumire – Dusty Rose/Violet
07 Tsyuatsatsuki – Azalea Pink/Light Pink
101 Kasaneyamabuki (limited ediion) – Bright Coral/Golden Orange

Note that last summer’s limited edition – EX01 Akedaidai – still followed the old style of numbering and used an “EX” prefix to denote limited edition status, whereas the new style of numbering uses a “10” prefix instead. This applies to lipsticks and eyeshadows as well.

The blush colour I had the pleasure of trying is 07 Tsyuatsatsuki, and here it is in its full ombre glory. The ombre pan is so beautiful and eye-catching that even my mom – who is not into makeup at all – oohed and aahed over it when I opened up the case.



The ombre design is meant to either swirled together in one colour or, according to SUQQU, “separately with the lighter shade as a wash of colour and the darker shade as a pop of colour on the apples of the cheeks”. In the case of 07 Tsyuatsatsuki however, I find the lightest colour too pale to be used as anything but a highlighter so my preferred technique is slightly different: I swirl all the colours together to use as a wash, and then use the darkest colour to add more pop.


The 5 lip colours released as part of SUQQU’s Spring 2017 are all Extra Glow Lipsticks, 3 permeant and 2 limited edition. Per SUQQU UK’s descriptions, they are:

11 Hanautsugi – A flattering, warm nude
12 Yuridaidai – Vivid orange
13 Saeazami – An eye-catching raspberry
101 Sumimomo (limited edition) – A clear pink tint
102 Sumibara (limited edition) – A clear deep rose

The ones you see here are 11 Hanautsugi and 102 Sumibara.

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick 102 11

SUQQU Extra Glow Lipstick Swatches 102 11

I am particularly fond of SUQQU’s Extra Glow Lipstick range because of the hydrating, jelly-like texture. My very, very dry lips look (and feel) best with this type of balmy lipstick and I love that these are clear rather than pearly because they don’t emphasize flakes. While I’m fortunate enough to be in warm and humid Singapore right now, the soft, hydrating colours in this range seem perfectly designed for for cold spring weather.

11 Hanautsugi and 102 Sumibara are both beautiful colours, but I find the latter more brightening, and have been carrying it around in my purse in lieu of my regular Fresh tinted lip treatment. If you’re a fan of tinted balms but enjoy the user experience of high-end makeup, you won’t be disappointed with these. I’ve already earmarked 13 Saeazami for my next purchase.

I’ll be posting two different FOTDs with this collection next, so do check back in a day for that and in the meantime if you had any questions I’d be happy to help where I can!

Pricing & Availability: SUQQU Pure Colour Blush (£30) and Extra Glow Lipsticks (£23) are available in-store and online at Selfridges.

This post features products that were provided as press samples, however all opinions and observations are my own and not influenced by the brand or its PR team. This post contains affiliate links.

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    February 6, 2017 at 12:12 am

    Could you please compare 03 and the new 07 and your impression of these two similar looking blushes? I was able to purchase only 07 recently but have been wanting to purchase 03 since I tried it in Osaka last fall. They were actually sold out, which surprised me. Thank you!

    • Reply
      February 6, 2017 at 1:18 am

      Sure! They’re actually very similar when you build them up to full intensity, but 03 is naturally more pigmented and therefore requires less building-up. Aside from being naturally lighter, 07 is slightly cooler than 03 and also more shimmery. That far right light pink shade is pretty much just sheer white-pink frost so it’ll give your cheeks more of a sheen than 03 will. Hope that helps, and that you’re able to get the blush you want!

  • Reply
    February 3, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    Wow that blush is stunning! My jaw literally dropped at the sight of it.

    • Reply
      February 6, 2017 at 1:12 am

      It really is. The ombre effect is so special, I love it!

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