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fotd: suqqu ex-25 haruhinata

September 15, 2015

Rounding up my current family of SUQQU quads (and incidentally the brand’s spring 2015 collection) is EX-25 Haruhinata, a limited edition release. It includes a cool lavender-tinged pink, a dark purplish-greyish brown (I really have no better way to describe this very unusual colour!), a frosty light peach and a cool pale gold that’s quite sparkly.

suqqu ex-25

Of the three SUQQU quads I own, I think of EX-25 Haruhinata as being the most focused in aesthetic. For me at least, that dark shade is the “hero shade” of the quad and is what tends to set the tone for the looks I create with it: i.e. purple smokey eyes.

I’m sure there are other ways to interpret these colours, but for someone who isn’t fond of subtle pastel eye looks this is ultimately a less versatile palette than #18 and #19. Not that I’m necessarily complaining – purple smokey eyes have been my my go-to evening look ever since I discovered makeup, so this quad plays right into my comfort zone.

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata5

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata6

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata7

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata8

Here’s a close up. The smooth transition between dark and light isnt so much a testament to my blending skills as it is the quality of the eyeshadows and the ease with which they layer on top of each other.

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata

Also, though the tonal variation isn’t as broad as #18 and #19, the depth of that “hero shade” compensates for this by opening up a wider range of placement options. Aside from the standard smokey eye look above, I also like wearing this in a tulip placement.

Sorry about these photos being a bit blurry. My husband is in the midst of trying to convince me that he NEEDS an extremely expensive new camera lens and I suspect that taking deliberately blurry photos with his current gear is his way of driving his point home.

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata1

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata2

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata3

Here’s a close up:

Suqqu Ex-25 Haruhinata4

One of these days (when I’m feeling particularly girly and sweet) I may experiment with wearing this quad in the more feminine way it was surely designed for, but as of now I’m quite happy with it being a foolproof smokey eye palette! What do you think? If you have this quad as well, I’d love to hear how you wear it.

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    September 18, 2015 at 3:41 am

    These are both lovely looks! I love a purple smokey eye it’s definitely one of my favorites. Haha, your husband is funny! Boys and their toys!

    • Reply
      September 18, 2015 at 8:55 am

      Thanks! Purple is almost always what I reach for when I think about doing a smokey eye, so this worked out to be a good quad for me. As for the husband, he eventually did cave and buy the toy! I guess I can’t really complain since I keep buying makeup 😉

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