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suqqu #18 sakuraori

July 30, 2015

SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow in #18 Sakuraori is one of the punchier quads in the brand’s permanent line and is made up of a frosty white shade with a beautiful pale pink shift, a fairly matte cherry-blossom pink, a red-toned brown with a satin finish and a burnished metallic copper.

Suqqu #18 Sakuraori

It was the unusual colour combination of pink and orange that drew my eye to to this quad during my first Suqqu counter visit. I was initially a little intimidated by the pink eyeshadow, but then I realised it’s in a quad for a reason, and remember what I said about how the colours in these SUQQU quads are meant to be blended together? Well, when I did that, the overall effect was actually a coppery rose-gold…as you see here!

Suqqu #18 Sakuraori 01

Suqqu #18 Sakuraori 03

Suqqu #18 Sakuraori 02

It’s a surprisingly versatile mix. I often take this compact with me on short trips, and have no trouble creating a variety of soft daytime and dramatic evening looks from just these four colours.

Aside from the coppery look I’m wearing here, my other favourite way to use this quad is to create a smokey burgundy eye by layering the pink shade over the brown one. I’ll have to remember to take a photo of that for next time!

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