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review: urban decay moondust palette

September 20, 2016

urban decay moondust palette 5

There isn’t much I can say about Urban Decay’s Moondust Palette that I haven’t already said about their individual shadows, which you already know I adore. The gist of it is this: for almost pure glitter shadows, there aren’t gritty at all and have very little fallout. They are beautifully dramatic over a dark base, but also wonderful as an extra pop of sparkle when you want to dress up a regular eye look.

The best thing about the Moondust Palette for is that it contains 8 all-new shades, so even if you already have several Moondust singles you don’t have to worry about repeats. The quality of the palette shadows is the same as the regular ones, with the pans being a bit smaller. In my opinion, this is a good deal since glitter isn’t something I can wear every day and I’d rather have a wider variety of colours to play with than bigger pans that I’ll never use up anyway.

When I was looking up photos swatches online, I was surprised that there weren’t any duochrome shades in his palette, since Solstice is such a hit. Turns out Element is actually a red-orange duochrome, though its colour shifting effects are more subtle. Also worth paying special attention to are Spectre and Galaxy, an iridescent pink and a complex, almost-duochrome grey-purple-green colour respectively. If you compare these two photos, you can see the shifting colours in some of the pans on certain angles.

urban decay moondust palette 7

urban decay moondust palette 6

Swatch photos typically don’t do Moondust shadows justice, as their magic is really in how the sparkles catch the light with the wearer’s movements. The best I could do was photograph them in direct sunlight so you can get an idea of how reflective these shadows are, but these are definitely worth seeing in person if you get the chance.

urban decay moondust palette swatches

From pan-to-swatch comparisons, I was most surprised by Spectre’s lovely sheer base and granite’s taupey colour. I was expecting it to be more gunmetal, but I’m thrilled that there’s a bit of warmth in it. All in all this is palette seems a lot more wearable than I’d ever have initially thought 8 glitter shadows could be, and I can’t wait to try them all!



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