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review: suqqu ex-35 yukitsubaki

September 28, 2016

SUQQU fans around the world (myself included) just about lost their minds when the first photos of EX-35 Yukitsubaki were shown on makeup artist / quad mastermind / colour wizard Jorge Balzaretti’s Instagram. SUQQU has made some bold colour advances this summer with bright blues and oranges, but this is definitely its most daring quad to date.

SUQQU EX-35 Yukitsubaki 8

SUQQU EX-35 Yukitsubaki 7

It’s also the most contemporary; the inclusion of that unapologetically rich fuchsia puts this quad squarely on trend this season. The mix of colours call to mind Anastasia Beverly Hills’ insanely popular, sold-out-everywhere Modern Renaissance palette and it’s very exciting to see SUQQU not only acknowledge but start to own and set mainstream beauty trends. It’s groundbreaking stuff from a brand that has really marched to the beat of its own beautiful but restrained drum for so long.

For the record, I do realize that SUQQU has done bright pink before with EX-16 Benichagasane. But while Ex-16’s sliver of pink was obviously intended only as an accent in an otherwise very neutral palette, it’s clear that the fuchsia of EX-35 is the star.

SUQQU EX-35 Yukitsubaki 6

Aside from that rich matte fuchsia pink, Yuki Tsubaki includes a peachy pink with a golden frost, a dark matte brown and a matte lavender-pink-white base shade. All the colours were smooth and very pigmented, including the shimmer shade which makes it more of a conventional metallic rather than the translucent, multi-dimentional SUQQU shimmers that are intended to be layered over colours.

SUQQU EX-35 Yukitsubaki swatch

As you can see from the swatches, Yuki Tsubaki is comprised of 3 mattes and 1 shimmer shade. The high ratio of mattes to shimmer in these quads is a direct response to the local customers’ requests for more matte shadows.

SUQQU mattes are some of the best on the market so I don’t blame them for asking, but 3 mattes to a quad means that these aren’t ideal for mixing colours on skin as you would with traditional SUQQU quads. The shadows do blend together effortlessly on the lid, but for the most part are just so pigmented that they almost cancel each other out when you layer them on top of each other. They’re best when applied in a more distinct placement and allowed to shine as individual hues. I’ll be posting a FOTD with this next to illustrate my point!

By the way, none of what I’ve mentioned above should be taken as a negative; I’m simply comparing the textures of Yuki Tsubaki to older SUQQU quads so that anyone “buying blind” internationally is aware that these are quite unique in their formulation. Swatches and even descriptions can never tell the whole story, but I hope this was helpful to anyone thinking about buying this quad.

Pricing & Availability: SUQQU Blend Colour Eyeshadow in EX-35 Yuki Tsubaki (£45) launches with the UK-exclusive Christmas collection on the 6th of October. However, due to the high demand for the UK-exclusive Christmas collection, SUQQU UK will be taking early reservation requests via this website, which goes live on 29th September at 9:30am GMT. Please note that filling out the Reservation Form does not guarantee a confirmed order; if stock is available, SUQQU UK will confirm the reservation within 3 working days, after which you will be contacted separately by SUQQU Selfridges London to place your order. For enquiries and feedback, you can email
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